Miss Mansfield

18:43 04/02/2014

Coventry Canal at Atherstone

23:36 16/01/2014

The first post of the New Year! I’m a bit late with it but I don’t make it an absolute necessity to update this blog weekly, or even bi-weekly, just whenever there’s something to say. I’m thankful to have wondered into 2014 with some really exciting commissions on the cards, research-led work that is closely […]

Emma Egging – FT Magazine

18:02 13/11/2013

In August, I was commissioned to make a portrait of Dr Emma Egging for The Financial Times Magazine. The brief was to capture Emma’s moving and inspiring story and the final image was published in a first person feature on 28th September 2013. Emma’s husband, Jon Egging, tragically lost his life in 2011 when his […]

Walking in Herefordshire & Gloucestershire

00:13 07/11/2013

Images from last week’s walks in Herefordshire and Gloucestershire. After a long stint of editing and admin work in the form of a wearisome Arts Counil evaluation, it felt good to get out into the open air. I packed just three rolls of film but it was enough to distract myself from the grind and […]

Image of the week

18:24 03/11/2013

I’ve been terrible and not made an update for quite some time! My excuse is that I’ve been super busy with coordinating an exhibition of my work with travelling showmen families at the Nottingham Goose Fair. It seems that when I’m immersed in practical tasks, the internet becomes somewhat of an afterthought, which I don’t […]

Image of the week

11:15 15/08/2013

I’ve been naughty and last week I didn’t make time to update. The days have flown in a blur of editing on mass and a domino line up of shoots. Never mind, for I’m back on track this week. Though I will admit I’m not on top form as I type this out in between […]

Image of the week

22:38 31/07/2013

This weekend I had the great honor and privilege of photographing the wedding of my good friends Oliver and Danielle in the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside. I’ve had to be quick on my feet in learning the ins and outs of photographing weddings, this being my third in just over three months and having never even […]

Image of the week

21:58 21/07/2013

Another double bill this week! Aren’t you the lucky one. These were spontaneously shot during working on a commission in Skegness a couple of weeks ago. Whilst on the way back to the hotel that was HQ for the performance festival I was photographing, I spotted this fella with a boa constrictor casually draped around […]

Image of the week

16:19 14/07/2013

A double whammy this week! I couldn’t choose between these two and felt they needed pairing together anyhow. They’re hot off the press, having been shot just yesterday. I’ve somehow managed to go through my life so far without attending any weddings, up until around two months ago when I went to my first as […]